Titus 2 Notes

Did you miss some notes from the latest Titus 2 Class? Don’t worry we have them below!
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Sister Circle Notes

Looking for a recent Sister Circle class you may have missed? Check out some of the links below for classes from Naamah (House of Deacon Asaph) & Mehidah (House of Deacon Eythan).

Monday, Monday, Monday! Snippets from Monday T2 Chats

“That is how you should be using your so-called debt or credit cards. Anything other than that is really not good.”

“Food is powerful. That brings me to this place. I wanna be able to help the nation from the inside out. Not just in the gym but in the kitchen.”

“Sometimes a sister just wants to talk about the real deal and the struggles and what’s going on. And she don’t wanna hear about what she ain’t doin’ right.”

Tuesday’s Hair Training

Monday Makeup & Beauty Madness

Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

Intro to Gardening

Winter is Coming; Are You Prepared?

Princess Quarantine: Memories or Mayhem?

Prepare Your Houses For The Wilderness

Chop It Up With The Deacons’ Wives Q&A

God…Last On My To-Do List

    Let’s Chat Passover 2020 Edition

Without Charity, Bridges Will Burn

You Are What You Eat

Putting The Pieces Together

Titus 2 Chat Snippets

“A lot of people eat fatty food at night. That’s no good. We need to change our ways.”

“If you’ve done something, state what you’ve done. The Most High tells us to confess our faults to one another. That’s not just saying ‘I’m sorry.'”

“All problems in marriage can be corrected and reconciled through application of the scriptures.'”

What’s Done in Darkness


Fiery Trials

Anything With 2 Heads is A Monster

Power of The Tongue

Who Can You Trust?

The Spirit of Our Foremothers


Remember Lot’s Wife

Shopping Basket