Introduction to The Princess Corner

“The Princess Corner is to utilize this space to communicate effectively and to address some of the issues that our teens and ‘tweens are having right now.”

“This is really a warning to our young women that you cannot be lukewarm like the scriptures say. You cannot have one foot out in the world and then another foot in the congregation.”

ATL Edition: Round Table Discussion on Drugs

Possible Outcomes & Biblical Solutions

Opioids, Morphine & Hallucinogens

Inhalants & Depressants

Stimulants & Prescriptions


Sexual Peer Pressure

Fornication & Low Self-Esteem

Intro to The Princess Corner

Temptation As A Teenager

“…whatever is going on in your life in terms of temptations…like bullying, sex before marriage, low self-esteem, dealing with friendships, peer pressure…things of that nature…you will be able to bear it. And that’s the reason why we have established The Princess Corner.”