Identifying Bums & Adulterous Hoes

Identifying Bums & Adulterous Hoes

From Birth to Betrothal

Trusting Your Lord Faith or Fear

Q&A Sorrow & Conception Pt. 2

Q&A Sorrow Conception Pt.2

How to be Fruitful Frugal During Inflation

Disrespect Disrupts Paradise

Disrespect Disrupts Paradise

Becoming an Enemy/ Hindrance to your Lord


Baby Prepping for the Hospital & Home

Baby Prepping for the Hospital & Home

Obesity Among Keepers at Home

Obesity Among Keepers at Home

I's Married...
What Now ?

I's Married... What Now

The Legacy of How Israelites Raise Righteous Kids

DOS Annual Passover Chat

Preparing for Tribulation Spirituality Physically

Beauty Cheers Your Man’s Countenance “Oops I fell off!”

Beauty Cheers Your Man’s Countenance “Oops I fell off!”

Trouble in the Flesh

Trouble In The Flesh

Beautifying Your Lords Home

Beautifying Your Lords Home

Do you submit grievously or willingly in your marriage

Renew Your Mind And Play Your Role

Renew Your Mind And Play Your Role

Marriage, Love, Blended Families

Learning your man to gain a Godly marriage

Keepers at Home... Are you her?

Two become
One Flesh

Monday Marriage Hotline:
Let's Talk About Sex, Part 1

Monday Marriage Hotline:
Let's Talk About Sex, Part 2

Transformation Tuesday

4 Chapters w/Sis Mehidah

Building Up Your Sisters

Dealing with Grief & Loss

Tuesday Talking Point: Colorism

Titus 2 is Now Also in Español!

Mujer Revolucionaria

Las Tres Pruebas de Fé


Courtship, Proving & Marriage Q&A

Marriage & Friendship

Monday Movie Madness: The Spook That Sat By The Door

Reminder: 2 Corinthians 10:3 – 4

Don't Accelerate an Argument
~* Marriage *~

A Revolutionary Woman

Take Time Tuesday: Self-Care Edition

“Who Taught You To Hate Yourself?”

Excerpts from the Black Man’s Guide to Understanding the Black Woman by Shahrazad Ali

“We have to come to grips in terms of examining ourselves and what we say. It really affects how our children grow up. We have an opportunity through the application of the scriptures to change that.”

“Word have power. Even though you may say ‘I was just joking,’ ‘I didn’t mean it that way.’ This gives you an opportunity to pause…”

“When you talk about having a healthy nation: a healthy nation starts with having healthy families. If we cannot establish healthy families in order, according to the structure, what hope do we have?”

Monday Money Management

Training Tuesday: Couponing Edition

“Marriage Hotline, Shamarah speaking. How may I help you?”

☎️ Monday Marriage Hotline ☎️

Mourning Monday: Bathsheba’s Baby

“As a married woman, your lord is your best friend. You are going to be grieving and mourning together. The two of you at that point should be focused on healing together.”

“There’s always gonna be a battle in your spirit. Sadly, until the day you die. It’s essentially to keep us humble.”

Love & Joy

Enjoy These Snippets From Talent Tuesday

Sister Tabitha

Sister Akilah

Monday, Monday, Monday! Snippets from Monday T2 Chats

“That is how you should be using your so-called debt or credit cards. Anything other than that is really not good.”

“Food is powerful. That brings me to this place. I wanna be able to help the nation from the inside out. Not just in the gym but in the kitchen.”

“Sometimes a sister just wants to talk about the real deal and the struggles and what’s going on. And she don’t wanna hear about what she ain’t doin’ right.”

“A lot of us are having this conversation like ‘Well, what am I gonna do with my hair? I’m used to seeing my hair dresser. I’m used to getting my hair done.’ For those of you who do not know how to maintain your hair, this is a really good forum for us to be able to ask professional stylists…in the body that do this for a living…and talk about it amongst the sisterhood.”

Intro to Gardening

“Around that same time, my lord came to me and said ‘Yo’ela, I want a garden.’ I was like ‘When am I gonna have time to do a garden?!’ You know, just thinking it was this big, overwhelming process.”

The Fruit of the Spirit: Self -Control & Peace

Tuesday’s Hair Training

Monday Makeup & Beauty Madness

Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

Winter is Coming; Are You Prepared?

Princess Quarantine: Memories or Mayhem?

Prepare Your Houses For The Wilderness

Chop It Up With The Deacons’ Wives Q&A

God…Last On My To-Do List

    Let’s Chat Passover 2020 Edition

Without Charity, Bridges Will Burn

You Are What You Eat

Putting The Pieces Together

Titus 2 Chat Snippets

“A lot of people eat fatty food at night. That’s no good. We need to change our ways.”

“If you’ve done something, state what you’ve done. The Most High tells us to confess our faults to one another. That’s not just saying ‘I’m sorry.'”

“All problems in marriage can be corrected and reconciled through application of the scriptures.'”

What’s Done in Darkness


Fiery Trials

Anything With 2 Heads is A Monster

Power of The Tongue

Who Can You Trust?

The Spirit of Our Foremothers


Remember Lot’s Wife

Shopping Basket