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Interview With Mother Shamarah

Mother Shamarah

1. What was the hardest thing to overcome when you first transitioned into this righteous lifestyle ?

I was just like the rest of you ladies, was getting out of those pants!! I gotta do what ? What sisters don’t realize at the beginning of repentance is that the wearing of pants and the unwillingness to stop wearing them is also symbolic of us not wanting to submit to the order and structure given to us by the Heavenly Father in 1 Corinthians 11. So that transition of not wearing pants and learning to submit to the headship of your lord/father/or spiritual fathers is much bigger than you think. Secondly, in all honesty I was working in retail management where the ungodly dresscode such as jeans, khakis and working on the sabbath, had become the roots of contention and struggle in my marriage.
Genesis 18 vs 19… For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord...
2. What was the worse experience you went through in this truth that ended up being a turning point in your spiritual journey?
In late fall 2010 September/October during the midst of the high holy day season, a former bishop of IUIC and his wife decided to split from the congregation and it was ugly messy… the beginning of the social media wars. Late November 2010 I was fired from my job, so pride in having a good job and being a good slave did not guarantee me favor, neither did trying to save face and be graceful with holes in your pockets. So the emotional and financial strain was driving me to to stress and depression. My hair was falling out and I was constantly sick. In January 2011 my maternal grandmother passed away. Life is precious. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Sirach 2 vs 1 . Message : Keep these commandments and so you can live forever babygirl.
So in those (3)months the Lord showed me that he was going to continue to put me through the fire to prove I was worthy.
Romans 5 vs 3-5
We glory in tribulations also; knowing that tribulation worketh patience; and patience , experience and experience, hope and hope maketh not ashamed;
3.If you could have a conversation with any of our foremothers, who would it be ? What would you ask ? and why ?
I would love to have a conversation with Judith. I admire her strength and wisdom. I look up to her for dealing wisely with aged men and leadership and the respect she maintained in her lifetime . I admire how she carried herself even after the death of her husband, with dignity and honor. She was a crown to her husband in life and even in the face of death she stood for courage with a high level of faith. I could only hope to be as great as she was.
My questions for Foremother Judith…
What type of man was your husband ? Do you think about him often ? What do you miss about him most ? Do you credit him with building you up in the spirit to be a strong pillar of rest and someone the nation of Israel can depend on ?
Do you think he would be proud of you?
What was your maids name ? How did you come to trust and love each other in the face of life and death ?
What was the last thing you thought of when you cut Holofernes head off and the deed was done ?
I can only imagine the smells of war, blood, sweat and the armies around and about, what was that experience like and how did you keep your composure during such tension?
When you were approaching the gates of Israel, sister was you screaming, was your knees buckling: at any time was you like really scared ?
Ancient beauty tips ( all of them ) and the secret to ageing gracefully please!!!
4. Was there ever a time that your faith was shaken to the point of falling out this truth?
Marriage problems, problems 1234 and some more, lord have mercy it was a mess !!!
1 Corinthians 7 vs 28 ...nevertheless such shall have trouble in the flesh
When my daughter was born, ( she’s 18 now) so this is almost 2 decades ago I was struggling as a wife and mother but really just when I thought I was just beginning to figure out this thing...bamn more drama.!!
My parents understood we kept the commandments we don’t celebrate worldly holidays, birthdays, and keep the sabbath...ok check, I got this so I thought. They asked the bishop could they have a baby shower for me and their granddaughter. Ok check , bishop approves. Because I no longer fellowship with anyone in the family they were making a big family reunion out of it….on a sunday, no unclean foods check, invitations go out check check... rent the catering hall out check check ...less than a week before the party. He tells me that I can’t have no baby shower and that date is a new moon...and that the new moon is a sabbath. To tell my parents event cancelled and he would give them back all the money…. I was furious, and embarrassed. I left with a month old baby and our 5 year old son to my parents house. Bishop called me and told me I love you, but I don’t love you more than the Lord. I had to make a decision. Live the rest of my life without my husband and tell my children their father is not around because mommy chose to have a baby shower or keep the commandments..So really was a baby shower and material possessions worth more than my marriage. Clearly not, I was angry and made the decision to reconcile with my husband. I love this man but there were some rough days.
Many of you have to make tough choices as well, choose your spouse. Value your marriage.
5. When did you realize your God -given gift of mentoring sisters in this truth ?
My very first Daughters of Sarah meeting was in August 2010 in the basement of our house. It was an endeavor to keep the peace and bring about unity of the sisterhood. Some chose not to come, and those that did can remember the struggle and how far we have come. The vision for the DOS website came to be while I was unemployed, and began to embrace my own journey, and acknowledging areas I needed to improve upon. I wanted to help sisters avoid making the same mistakes I did, to learn from them and to celebrate our successes and along the way I discovered my passion and purpose. I’ve watched it grow from a scrapbook of ideas to changing women’s lives and the feedback has been tremendously rewarding.
Sirach 33 vs 17...consider that I labored not for myself only but for all them that seek learning
6. Do you ever feel overwhelmed as the bishop’s wife? How do you overcome stress as a role model for the Daughters of Sarah?
It is a high honor to be the bishop’s wife, but along with that comes a lot of responsibility. There is a lot of scrutiny from members in the flock and those outside. And the haters...they motivate me to be great. I have the full time job of being my lords pillar of rest, wife, mother and maintaining full time employment outside the home. The struggle is real..The bishop has high standards and it’s never good enough and he is always pushing me to be better. I found a coffee mug that says “ My secret is I pray ” I have accepted that I need the Father to help me get through this life and the stresses that come with it and I use the power of prayer to get through the toughest times.
Luke 12 vs 48 whomever much is given much is required
Sirach 7 vs 26
Hast thou a wife after thy mind ? forsake her not; but give not thyself over to a light woman
7. Describe what you did to overcome your first ‘frenemy’ experience in this truth ?
Let it go….sure is going to sting, but like any wound it will heal , deep cuts will leave a scar. As long as you keep picking at a wound the longer it takes to heal. Stop going over it in your mind, stop feeding those demons… the outcome is still the same. Forgiveness does not mean that you are denying the offense. It happened. Let it go sis.This too shall surely pass.
I learned a valuable lesson about betrayal and deceit that shaped me into the woman I am today. The pain of betrayal and the power of forgiveness is a force in itself. To ability to forgive allows you to blossom and grow and move on from what hurt you...Nobody is going to get away with evil….you’re upset because you want judgement now- You want them to feel as bad as you do now. The Most High got you….believe that. People can pretend very well, and can hate you secretly on a level you never knew you were on. It is this emotional scar that has reminded me always to be kind and compassionate, to treat people how you want to be treated. I’ve learned what and how people think of you negatively is their problem not yours and it’s a reflection of insecurities, low self esteem, personal failures and quite often a lack of faith. I found strength and courage in that experience that I never knew I had and I thank her for that.
I thank her for making my real friends step they game up in my time of need.
I thank her for being an example of what a friend is NOT to be, so that the Lord could show me my potential on how to be a good one and what I will no longer tolerate.
I thank her for giving me a chance to prove what a good marriage looks like on the inside and not only on the outside
I thank her for that pain that proved that submission to your husband is righteous power
I value friendship now, I understand that everyone does not deserve a seat in my inner circle.
Prove a friend. One counselor of a thousand.
8. What was your most edifying year, and why ?
I’m still a work in progress.
Every experience has been a new level, and notch on my spiritual belt. I’m not the same person I used to be 15 years ago, 10 years ago , 5 years ago, even last year. Experiences, trials they change you. Just doing my best to be worthy to get in the kingdom of heaven.
James 1 vs 12..
Blessed is the man that endureth temptation; for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the lord hath promised to them that love him
9.What is the one piece of advice you would leave to other women going through their righteous walk?
Work on you ! Be willing to honestly self examine your walk in Christ. What are my strengths and weaknesses? Where do I fall short ?
Philippians 2 vs out your own salvation with fear and trembling
Psalms 19 vs 7..
The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the Lord is sure , making wise the simple
The commandments changed my life and can do the same for you. Peace