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This site is dedicated to repenting Israelite women who need an outlet to share ideas, learn to cook, how to raise our children in this truth and how to become a virtuous woman, mother, daughter, wife and friend. Many of us as women are filled with so many questions when we first learn of our heritage and responsibilities as repenting Israelite women and it can be a bit challenging figuring out how to transition from our worldly self to our righteous self. On this site you will find examples from our spiritual mothers and senior sisters who reflect our fore mothers in spirit on how to maintain your household, teach your children diligently, respecting and loving your husband, and how to prepare meals for high holy days and Sabbaths etc. If you’re interested in what beautiful modest apparel looks like we’ve got you covered and if you would like to brush up on some basic unleavened bread recipes we have tutorials to aid you there as well among a number of other topics. The main focus of this site is to help develop our sisters in a variety of areas that we most often think about and face throughout our walk but have difficulty doing because we lack the skills or know how to accomplish it.